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  • Lynette Mejia

A Similar Fight in Texas

Recently we've been keeping up with coverage of an attack against a public library system in Llano, TX, where librarians and local activists have been fighting the takeover of their library board and censorship of materials. The story sounds eerily similar to our own - so much so that the journalist covering the Llano battle mentions (and links) to our very own struggle in the article:

"Conservative activists in several states, including Texas, Montana and Louisiana have joined forces with like-minded officials to dissolve libraries’ governing bodies, rewrite or delete censorship protections, and remove books outside of official challenge procedures."

So YAY! We're getting noticed, on a national scale - but, of course, it's for a reason we never would have wanted.

Here's the article, for full perusal:

We're happy to report, however, that the group fighting for the library in Llano have since sued to protect the materials there, alleging in their filing that:

“Public libraries are not places of government indoctrination,” the lawsuit reads. “They are not places where the people in power can dictate what their citizens are permitted to read about and learn. When government actors target public library books because they disagree with and intend to suppress the ideas contained within them, it jeopardizes the freedoms of everyone.”

Again, here is the full article:

We are proud to be part of the movement of citizen activists who are standing up to attempts to control local library boards, censor materials, and control what books and other materials citizens have the right to read, see, or otherwise access. As in Llano, TX, our group of committed citizens here in Lafayette, Louisiana is dedicated to preserving the First Amendment, protecting our library and its mission, and committed to opposing censorship in all its forms.

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