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Problem: The LPL Board of Control has scheduled its June, 2023 meeting on June 19, 2023. This is Juneteenth, the day when we commemorate the emancipation of enslaved Americans after the Civil War. It is a federal and state legal holiday, yet the board chose to ignore that fact when they voted on their calendar. Rescheduling meetings around holidays is not unusual - in fact, the board rescheduled their January meeting because of Martin Luther King, Jr. day and their February meeting because of Mardi Gras. So this is certainly an issue they have dealt with before, and can deal with now.

Solution: Write or call your Parish Council member, as well as board President Robert Judge, and ask them to reschedule their meeting so that the citizens of Lafayette can participate in Juneteenth commemorative activities as well as the library board of control meeting.

Board President Robert Judge:

Email Address:

Phone (messages only): (337) 261-5781

Parish Council:

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