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Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Impact Our Community!


Help make a difference


There are many ways to volunteer,

from attending board meetings to writing letters.

Here are ways you can help:

A good way to get involved with our efforts is to write letters to our local and regional newspapers expressing your opinion regarding recent censorship issues affecting Lafayette Public libraries. Letters to the Editor can address several topics, including:

  • Members of the LPL Board of Control who voted to censor books & movies (Robert Judge & Stephanie Armbruster)

  • Members of the LPL Board of Control who voted to fire librarian Cara Chance (Robert Judge & Stephanie Armbruster)

  • Members of the LPL Board of Control who voted to change Reconsideration Committees to a majority of board members instead of librarians (Robert Judge, Stephanie Armbruster)

  • Letters protesting the disaffiliation of LPL from the American Library Association.

  • Letters in support of libraries, and the vital role they play in our communities by supplying us with with books that reflect the diversity of the area.

  • Letters in support of librarians, whose work is so important to the success of our libraries.

Talking Points:

  • Mention any recent articles the paper has run on censorship efforts in our area (include the date). Explain why, as a member of the public, you do not support the restriction of access to materials.

  • Explain that young people deserve access to information, and that public libraries are vital sources of information in our community.

  • Explain the function of librarians - to select a wide range of materials which reflect the WHOLE of the community; explain that librarians have professional standards, selection guidelines, professional review journals, etc to guide them. They DO NOT, however, act in loco parentis, i.e. in the place of parents. It is the parent's duty to supervise their OWN children in the library. Censorship advocates often focus their efforts here, and the result is a small group of parents making decisions for ALL parents who utilize the library.

  • Government interference in the selection of books isn't a partisan issue - it is an issue which affects us all. First Amendment freedoms which guarantee access to information should be a priority for every American, because what can be taken from one can be taken from all.

Other Tips:

  • Be timely - the sooner you send a letter after an event, meeting, or censorship issue arises, the better. Our aim is to keep the issue in the public eye.

  • Stay on message - keep your letter succinct, and to the point. Stick to the word count, and try to limit yourself to only one or two talking points.

  • Be sincere - speak from your heart; writing about how censorship affects you personally is important and impactful.

Links for Submitting Letters:




Sign up to be informed of book challenges in our area, Board of Control meetings, agenda items, protest actions, and any other news impacting intellectual freedom, access to information, and our protecting our library from these attacks!

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