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We believe that freedom of speech, expression, and information are the cornerstones of our Republic. To that end, our group was formed to protect our community from those who would attempt to ban books, control access to information, and take away personal autonomy. We stand with all marginalized citizens and defend everyone's right to access books and materials from our public institutions. Not everyone will agree with every book in the library, and that's ok, cher. Just pick something else.

We are a group of ordinary citizens fighting for the very soul of our public library system. Winner of the 2020 James Modisette award for best library in Louisiana, the Lafayette Public Library has since that time come under a systematic, sustained attack by its own Board of Control. Beginning in January 2021, when the board rejected a grant from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities for a series of programs on the history of Voting Rights, and continuing on through closed-door book challenges and the changing of procedures to guarantee those challenges succeed, we have fought to defend free speech, intellectual freedom, and the free exchange of ideas here in Acadiana.

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