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Below you'll find sample texts for letters and phone calls you can make urging LPL Director Danny  Gillane to turn on the electric vehicle chargers at West Regional Library in Scott, Louisiana. In March, 2023 Mr. Gillane turned off the chargers, citing the Louisiana Constitution, article VII, sec. 14(A). Robert Judge, president of the Library Board of Control, further cited an AG opinion which set up a three part legal test that he determined backed up Mr. Gillane's decision. We disagree. In much the same way that patrons charge laptops and phones, as well as make copies while they are at the library, charging their electric vehicle is a low-cost benefit they enjoy while checking out books and other materials. 


Email Address:

Dear Mr. Gillane,


As a citizen, I am outraged at your decision to turn off the electric vehicle chargers at West Regional Library in Scott. These chargers provide an added value to the Scott library, drawing in visitors from both out of town and in the surrounding parish-wide area who might not otherwise use the library, encouraging them to stop by and take advantage of all the services the library has to offer while visiting. Prior to their discontinuance, these chargers had a perfect "10" rating on PlugShare, a nationally-known electric vehicle charging site, and were reviewed glowingly by everyone who stopped by to charge their cars and see Lafayette Parish's newest library branch.

Your justification for turning off these chargers is not legally sound. The chargers meet each part of the AG's "Cabela's Test," in addition to providing numerous ancillary benefits to our community. They are a low-cost, high benefit addition to the library's transportation theme, and cost nothing to install. The paltry few dollars per month we pay to operate is more than made up for in the patrons they draw through the library's doors.

This is not acceptable.

I ask you to please turn on the EV chargers at the Scott Regional Library.




Phone #: (337) 261-5781

My name is __________.


I'm calling to ask that Director Gillane please turn on the electric vehicle chargers at the West Regional Library in Scott. Costing only a few dollars per month to operate, these chargers did NOT violate the Louisiana Constitution, and they DO pass the AG's "Cabela's Test," providing value to the library in the form of patrons received and services used as the direct result of having the chargers available. Every day the chargers are turned off, it costs Lafayette - in lost patrons, good reviews, and good will.

Thank you for your time.

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