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April 2023

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Agenda Items

The only thing on the agenda of consequence this month was a discussion of the long-delayed NE library. At the appointed time, board President Robert Judge announced that a "New" NE library committee was being formed to provide even MORE! community input into the building of the NE library. Vice President James Thomas was announced as committee chair. No word yet on who these committee members would be - presumably chosen by Mr. Judge. There was, however, a "mission statement" offered:

The Northeast Committee is convened to express the particular needs of the community to the
Board for consideration into the design of the Northeast library. The committee will
begin its duties when a property is purchased and its duties will end at groundbreaking.

Yes. Truly groundbreaking.

Parish Council Shenanigans

Yeah, I said shenanigans. 

So, to continue the saga from last month, when one Josh decided to punish the other Josh for his library board appointments and their nasty habit of voting out of line with the Lunsford/Carlson/Judge agenda. 


Well, try to keep up because the plan's changed. In an effort to avoid the appearance of a "power grab," Carlson has deferred his original motion, which would have given himself a seat on the board of control in place of the Mayor-President. That's so messy, after all, so inelegant. Why give himself an extra seat when he already has seven?

We know this isn't the last we'll hear of this issue.

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